Let’s Celebrate

It’s VE Day so let’s celebrate!

I recall hearing the Queen say, on a documentary about Honours, some words like, “It would be a dull old world it we couldn’t celebrate peoples’ achievements!”

And now, when the whole world is confined to barracks, let’s use the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day to celebrate!

We’ve set up the table and chairs in front of the house. The dogs are mad keen to get going. Any minute now the champagne cork will pop and we will raise a glass to all those who cannot currently pass by, but whom we love to remember.

All our family, friends, colleagues and those we love to remember will be toasted and that’s before we have even got round to eating.

VE Day recalls a great triumph. It is appropriate to recall and celebrate the occasion at this time. The 8th May 1945 was the day that the people of Great Britain could finally put behind them 6 years of sacrifice and express some joy. It shows that we can rise above life threatening adversity and come again with renewed strength and rebuild our country.

We have a proud history of triumphing over adversity so let’s celebrate a past occasion when we rose again and look forward positively to our next triumph over adversity.

Raise your glasses and enjoy the day.