How a Big Idea Can Change Your Life

Big ideas often inspire us. They have the power to impel us to take action, to make the major changes that enable us to create the life we would love to live.

A big idea can become a central pillar of your life. It will then act like a magnet that will draw you to constantly refine and hone your life’s purpose. It is this effort that then gives meaning to your life. The pursuit of your purpose then enables you to experience a wonderful sense of fulfilment.

Big ideas are born in our imagination, prompted by our intuition. It is our intuition that also confirms us in the belief that this is the big idea that will lead to a fulfilling life.

Why You Have Yet to Discover Your Big Idea

It is common for people to fail to recognise the big idea that is their purpose. We can go for years without recognising the inner force that is driving us. It is only when we carry out an audit of the values and beliefs that motivate us that our life purpose reveals itself.

The problem is that all human beings are creatures of habit. Our lives are simply much easier when we run on autopilot. These autopilots allow us to carry out most of our daily tasks without ever having any need for conscious thought.

The sad truth is that we spend very little of our time in original thought.

You may ask how it is possible for anyone to not be aware of the force that is driving them?

For most of our lives we simply act according to our habitual way of doing things, sometimes we listen to our intuition, often we only take action when someone else suggests what we should do. It is only on rare occasions that we stop to think, to set clear objectives, to develop inspiring plans of action. Unfortunately most of us have the habit of thinking that thinking takes up too much time and we avoid the hard work involved in thinking.

So we prefer not to think – and “not thinking” becomes a habit.

It is only on the occasions when an inspiring objective appears in our lives that we suddenly find the energy to think. Perhaps you can recall diligently planning  your last vacation? Or did you carefully consider what outfit you should wear for a wedding? Or have you devoted considerable time to planning for a dinner party? In such situations have you noticed how your actions were energised by visions of the vacation, the wedding or the dinner party? These events were in fact Big Ideas that inspired you. It was the event that had the power to override your habit of not thinking.

How To Discover The Big Idea That Will Change Your Life

At various times in their lives most people have tried to discover some means of living that will overcome their inner feeling of frustration and that will allow them to feel a sense of fulfilment.

It is likely that you have considered different types of jobs in the hope that they might offer you more fulfilling opportunities. You may even have considered moving to another location that appears to offer opportunities for a more balanced lifestyle.

The fact that you are still reading this article suggests that your searches have born little fruit. There is simple reason why you have yet to discover your life’s purpose. You are looking in the wrong direction. The answer is not to be found outside of you – the answer lies within. Marcus Aurelius, the Roman philosopher, poet and Emperor gave this advice: “dig within, ever dig and you will find.”

The emperor did not say that it is easy to dig within, he simply advised that we need to dig with persistence. The challenge is that when we start to dig we encounter barriers that have built up in our existing ways of thinking; further barriers exist in our entrenched beliefs and ingrained habits. It is these barriers that present serious obstacles to our being able clearly distinguish what really matters to us.

In adversity we are impelled to develop new survival strategies. For instance redundancy or just the threat of redundancy can force people to change careers. War zones force some men to discover hidden wells of courage and leadership. Losing a life partner can make the surviving partner develop new skills to support those who depend on them.

But when adversity does not provide the impulsion for change the way forward can often be found by searching with the aid of another, supportive mind. Good coaches know how to open up your thinking. Such coaches can help you identify the Big Idea that will give true meaning to your life.

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